Monday, February 25, 2013

Fitness Challenge: Runtastic app

For a long time, I resisted using my iPhone while running. I thought I could preserve it more if I just used my old iPod for music and left the phone at home. Plus even though I feel safe in Prospect Park or around NYC, running with an expensive smartphone does leave you vulnerable.

Then I learned about the app Runtastic. This app (also available for Android phones or a download online) gives you an accurate measure of how far you’ve run, and for how long.

You also get metrics about your pace, calories burned, and progress. Think your speed work is improving your overall pace? The app tells you.

If you sycn with Facebook and Twitter you can broadcast your running prowess. But not just running. 

The app lets you track aerobic activities like cycling, walking, skiing and golfing (?), or strength training.

And live coaches in different languages let you bone up on your German, Spanish, French or Italian. 

Though I imagine the French coach encourages you to stop for a Pastis and a cigarette if your workout is too intense.

Now I just need a good armband to keep my iPhone secure.

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