Tuesday, February 26, 2013

DUMBO Mexican Food

There is often a bias with ethnic food, that it should be cheap. Chinese, Thai and Mexican food – we shouldn’t have to pay a lot.

But there are exceptions. Gran Electrica, in DUMBO, is a hip, perennially packed restaurant where the food is thoughtfully composed and drinks hand crafted. So yes, the bill can be high, especially if you start with the yummy guacamole.

The guac, chunky and served with 4 salsas of varying heat, was accompanied by crisp, greaseless chips. Certainly delicious. But a bit steep at $13.

Margaritas come with a variety of fresh juices and bitters. There is one with fresh cucumber juice and cilantro, and a spicy one with habañero, jalapeño and grapefruit.

Tacos come in 2 vegetarian versions: one with butternut squash, parsnips and almonds, and fish with cabbage and avocado. Both are delicious.

We also loved the cheesy quesadillas with oyster mushrooms and epazote. The menu has medium and large plates, but we just added sides of rice, fried plantians and beans with avocado (each $5). We have to return for the snapper ceviche, with pomegranate and the crab tostada.

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