Monday, January 28, 2013

Fitness Challenge: Revolve

Shake a Spandex-clad leg, Soul Cycle and Flywheel. There’s a new kid in town. Revolve, a boutique spin studio one revolution from Union Square (with a branch in DC) has a high intensity, luxe feel that will be familiar to devotees of the other high end NYC spin studios. But Revolve also has a few twists. Hardcore RIP Rides are 60 0r 75 minutes long and should leave you ripped (unless you are unprepared, in which case you might R.I.P.). For more casual cyclists, there is the Body Ride, a 45 minute class that combines cardio with strength training (think Soul or Flywheel) and the cardio only Real Ride. You can certainly take these classes if you are an experienced spinner, too, but the longer rides challenge you more.
Revolve provides free cycling shoes and has gum and hair bands sitting out. There are also towels at every bike, and both a water fountain and filtered water bottle refiller. Revolve has a unisex locker area, but there are men’s and women’s changing areas with a couple of showers and nice, soft towels. In the small class I took, the instructor called out everyone by name, a personal touch that might not happen when the class is full. But it certainly keeps you in the moment and encourages you to push harder. The Schwin bikes let you keep track of your RPMs, but not the precise resistance level. This actually favors OCD cyclists who obsessively check their levels. Here, you can rely on touch and the rhythm of the music to get your sweat on.

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  1. Thanks for posting about Revolve! We would love to get in touch with you and talk to you about your experience! -Revolve Team