Monday, December 10, 2012

Annie – back on Broadway

When you raise a curly headed moppet who sings and dances, her dream role is Annie. And when my youngest daughter was growing up, she played Annie in every theater camp or class she took. But then she hit puberty, got self-conscious, and stopped performing. She still loves attending theater, and the new Broadway production of Annie was high on our list. Sadly, the floodwaters were also high, and Hurricane Sandy delayed our date with the mutt Sandy. But when we finally got to see the show, it was thoroughly enjoyable. Ok, the lead has a questionable accent and mediocre pipes, but she sure is adorable. And the supporting cast all have strong voices and great comic appeal. And when you have a teen who idolizes Tyra Banks, Lady Gaga and Taylor Lautner’s abs, a little G–rated fun is most welcome. I also thought the staging was excellent, the sets were gorgeous and I've been waking up humming "Tomorrow" for almost a week.

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