Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fitness Challenge: Day 89

Every night, bats gather and swoop from the Congress Avenue Bridge in Austin, TX. Hundreds of onlookers crowd the bridges and the shores of Lady Bird Lake to witness their flight.

But a few hardy souls kayak on Lady Bird Lake to watch the bats. We took a kayaking tour with Live Love Paddle, which provides single or tandem kayaks, cold water and a light for the return trip.

This was no cakewalk in the summer heat. Though the temperature had dropped for the days high of 99, it was still steamy when we set off for our mile and a half trip. I took a tandem kayak with my 14 year old and she did not pull her weight, alternately resting or actively paddling against me.

But the view was spectacular and the work out was a welcome antidote to days of indoor exercise. We 'raced' against crew teams from UT Austin and no one was anointed with bat poop.

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  1. The bats altogether would be an awesome view indeed, especially if you do it over a kayak, must be a great workout and lookout!