Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I Spy: Road Trip Games & Giveaway

If I Spy is one of your favorite road trip games, then you need to book a trip to New York. Discovery Times Square has a new immersive exhibit, SPY: The Secret World of Espionage, that is the antidote to summer boredom.

Or fall or winter – the exhibit is in NYC through March 2013.

This is where you can see both high tech spy gear, like briefcase tricked out with an infrared camera, or low tech, but unique items. Kids may be particularly intrigued by the hollowed out rat that was used in ‘ dead drops’ to exchange information. The rat’s guts were replaced with classified info, and the body was Velcro-ed back together. But cats foiled the info exchange, thinking they’d found dinner.

The exhibit has artifacts like a collapsible WWII motorbike, that parachutists could use once they hit the ground, and a spy sub, used against the Germans, that employed German engineering.

Kids and adults can channel James Bond as they negotiate a laser field. My daughter was more Mr. Magoo, but she and her friend happily tried to avoid the lasers several times.

There is also a station where you can disguise your voice.

Tickets to the exhibit are rather expensive: $27 for adults; $19.40 for kids ages 4-12. But I am giving away 2 tickets to the exhibit. Just leave a comment with your favorite road trip game.

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  1. I'm going to be there in just a few weeks!! The ABC game!