Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Here come the sun

Protecting your skin against the sun, whether at home or on vacation, is easy when you have the right products

Hats off to…
Your mother was right. One of the best ways to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays is to wear a hat. Instead of a ratty old baseball cap, get the Scala Sewn Ribbon Sun Hat - The Tres Jolie. This hat has SPF built into it (in addition to the sun protection any hat adds). And the hat is great for travel, too. Roll it crush it, stuff it in your beach bag – it bounces right back into shape.

Of course, where it really needs to be is right on your head.

Face off
SPF and antioxidants come together in DNA Defense SPF 30+. This rich cream both renews and protects skin, with vitamins A and E offering antioxidants and zinc oxide providing the sunscreen.

For the kids
Chemical-free Sunology All-Natural Sun Protection has a sunblock for kids that is SPF 50. The sunblock is ideal for young sensitive skin and is super concentrated, so you have to apply less – great for squirmers. The lotion comes in 3 ounce bottles so you can carry it on an airplane. The sunblock is also water resistant, so perfect for a beach vacation.

If you did not listen
If you did not wear a hat, or apply enough sunblock, you can heal damaged skin with Miracle Skin Transformer Heal Everything Balm. This soothing lotion can also alleviate irritation after shaving your legs, and moisturize while it heals. The chemical free Miracle Skin Transformer includes the new body lotion, with an SPF 20 that is ideal for everyday use. The lotion minimizes imperfections while it protects skin from more damage.

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