Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Fitness Challenge: Day 82

One of the things that can drive an eco-conscious person crazy is the amount of energy wasted at a gym. People take handfuls of towels, leave machines and televisions on, and exercise in overlit studios.

At Blink Fitness, (one Manhattan location, and several others around NYC and the NY region) the emphasis is on going green. There are no towels, no energy hog saunas or steam rooms, and energy star rated equipment.

Lighting is low, but if you exercise during the day at the NoHo location, the large windows flood the gym with light.

The state of the art equipment includes plenty of free weights and machines. You can plug into a cardio machine and watch one of the big screen TVs or use a machine with an individual screen; motivational sayings on the walls include reminders to turn off the TV when you are done.

Blink is also a budget conscious gym, yet the low monthly fees belie the clean, spacious gym. One thing is missing: classes.

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