Sunday, January 22, 2012

Fitness Challenge: Day 9

Our 20 or so mile bike ride turns into a 45 or 50 mile trudge, when we ride folding bikes through the Vermont and New Hampshire mountains.

We are visiting camp, and our route takes us from the other side of the mountain. To an unmarked road that we miss, and ride 5 or so miles past. Once in town, we get directions back and someone notes that the sign fell down years ago.

There is a hand-lettered sign, on the ground, that we couldn't see as we sped by.

Going back, no excuse, we just get lost. And run out of water.

Still a heat alert. After an hour or overheated riding, we are back where we started. Then we have another 10 miles to ride.

Our post-ride Smuttynose is possibly the best beer ever.

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