Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fitness Challenge: 100 days, 100 gyms

For 8 years, I have gone to New York Sports Club almost daily. But in July, fed up with rising prices, dirty showers (I could get that at home) and limited classes at my local gym, I bought a Fitness PassBook to get me into a variety of gyms.

I should have blogged about this while I worked out at different gyms, but I was too busy..working out. And getting to those gyms, which weren't around the corner like the Park Slope branch of New York Sports Club.

I saved money, if not time, and plowed those savings into an iPhone. Totally worth it. Plus I took a variety of classes and stayed in shape.

Day 1
July 13. Still sore from previous day's boot camp (the best class at NYSC) so went for a run in the park. As a gym member, I feel guilty not going, even if I run. But on an 80 degree day, perfect weather for a run, I feel free.

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