Monday, June 13, 2011

Airline Passengers: family travel complaints

I am sometimes known as a complainer, but I only complain when I think it is warranted.

When my daughter flew home from Israel with her Hebrew school class, they were not allowed to bring water on the plane (i.e, fill their water bottles after security). But the overworked flight attendants either ignored a the group of teens or figured they didn’t deserve good service. My daughter literally had nothing to drink on the LOOONG flight to JFK and arrived thoroughly dehydrated.

hen I complained to Delta, they stepped up to the plate. Not only did they offer me $100 credit, but they extended this to everyone in her group.

My point is that if you speak up, you can often get results.

That is why taking the Airline Passenger Experience Association survey is a good idea. How can airlines improve their service if they don’t know you are unhappy in the first place? The survey cover travel experience, from check-in and food, to in-flight entertainment and cabin ambiance.

And if you go over to TravelingMom and take the survey through their link, you are entered to win an iPad2!

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