Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Eat your veggies

The refrain ‘eat your vegetables’ is uttered worldwide, even if the moms are saying ‘coma sus verduras.’ Universally, it seems, kids have to be encouraged to eat vegetables.

In honor or Earth Day, Square 1682 in Philadelphia offers a six-course vegetable tasting menu. Since two of the courses are actually dessert, vege-phobes can rest assured that they would only need to eat four courses of vegetables. But this is the kind of food that will entice in the most inveterate meat eater.

Chef Guillermo Tellez is also offering organic wine pairings and an eco-cocktail, the “Green Squared,” with organic Square One vodka and cucumber. A drink that helps celebrate Earth Day? I can get down with that.

The vegetable tasting, only $40 is available April 22-24.

The menu:

Terrine of asparagus and petite carrots

Preserved mushrooms, carrot cardamom vinaigrette

Spring pea soup and bleeding heart radishes

Cashew butter, lime-mint granite

Petite vegetable medley

Celery root, red wine reduction, mustard vinaigrette

Roasted local mushroom tart

Brie cheese, pickled turnips, herb oil

Lemon curd napoleon

Almond cream

Valhrona dark chocolate pate

Coconut eggless custard

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